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Tips and Advice

Tips and Advice

First and foremost,remember that it is your wedding. I have heard so many couples say,"We don't want anything special." You have found the perfect dress,the beautiful venue,just the right flowers and the delicious menu. Your ceremony should be just as personal and customized as everything else that you have chosen.This is a once in a lifetime event and should be a reflection of the Bride and Groom. There is nothing set in stone for your ceremony. Concerning the length of the ceremony,speak with your officiant as to how long you would like the ceremony to last.

Because of unforeseen events, don?t wait until the last minute to file for your license. However, they do expire, so be sure to check with your local clerk?s office as to how long you have before the expiration time. Most are 30 - 60 days. If you plan to be married in a state other than your own, your license needs to be obtained in that state. Check with them well in advance for their requirements.

Most guestbooks, when used, only have the first few pages signed. It is nice to ask your Maid of Honor or Best Man to pass it to your guests at the reception for their best wishes or words of wisdom. It makes for fun reading at a later time.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you should have a contingency plan in the event of inclement weather. Have the alternate location listed on your invitations, then you would not need to have someone to direct your guests to the new location.

When choosing an Officiant, ask what they offer should something occur that they can not be there.

If you plan to use bubbles, ask your parents to start blowing the bubbles as you are pronounced husband and wife, right before the kiss. This way the other guests know it is time to use theirs and the bubbles will be in the air as you walk back down the aisle.

When filling out the papers for your marriage license, be sure that ALL dates and spelling are correct, BEFORE leaving the Clerk's office. Your officiant can not make any corrections.

If you are planning to have a specialty ceremony, ask either the Maid of Honor or the Best Man to be sure that everything is set up properly before the wedding and to collect them after the ceremony. In addition, they should make sure that the rings are where they need to be before the ceremony begins.

If your rehearsal is on a weekday, try to schedule it for after 5:30 pm. This will give everyone plenty of time to get home from work. There are some officiants that will charge you if the practice does not start on time.

If you are planning on using a runner and your wedding is to take place outside, be sure to have something to anchor it to the ground. It should be placed before the wedding begins.

Be sure that you have all of the supplies you will need for any special ceremony that you will be using. Your Officiant should be able to offer suggests as to where you may obtain them.

Depending on the size of your centerpieces, they can do double duty as decorations for the Wedding site if at a venue other than that of the reception.

Your bouquets should be held at your navel, this way the photographer sees your faces and not flowers. The men in the wedding party should all agree on the position of their hands, clasped in front in the nicest, never in the pockets.

It is very tempting to do, but do not lock your knees while standing.

If the wedding is outdoors and the Bride and the bridesmaids will be walking on grass, be sure to wear shoes that will not sink into the ground. A wedge type heel works the best.

If you are on a limited budget, pick your venue first. This way you can only invite as many as the venue will hold.

If you would like all of the groomsmen to be dressed alike but don't want them in tuxedos, have them go somewhere like Men' Warehouse. They can all purchase the same suit and keep it after your wedding for other uses.

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