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Meet my Associates

I'd like to introduce my daughter, Rev. Melaina Gant. She is a newlywed as of September 3, 2011 and I had the honor and pleasure of performing her ceremony.

Through the years, she has had the opportunity to see the joy that I receive by being allowed to share in my couples' special day. In February of 2009, she was also ordained and now is able to have that same joy.

Because of unforeseen events or if I am already scheduled, she is able to stand in my place.

If she is to perform your ceremony, we will both be present at the initial meeting if possible, to give you the opportunity to meet us. I would still be the one to compile your special ceremony for you.

She was blessed with the opportunity of performing her brother's wedding as well.

Please visit the photo gallery to see some of Melaina's past weddings.

I would like to introduce the newest member to the team. Rev. Amber Bonnes

I have known Amber for over thirty years and had the opportunity of watching her grow into the beautiful young woman that she has become today


She is looking forward to assisting me in making your day as special and memorable as you have always dreamed it would be.

I know you will be as pleased with her as I am happy to have her join me.

I would also like to introduce Rev. Marilyn Montgomery. She performed our wedding ceremony in February of 2007.

Rev. Marilyn is very professional and extremely pleasant to work with. Her associate is Rev. Kaleena Bergman.

We have an agreement to stand for each other, should the need arise and we are available.

Please feel free to visit her website at:  

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